Failed To Initialize Application Due To Windows Shutdown? Fix It Immediately

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    Here are a few simple steps that can help solve the problem that the application failed to initialize due to Windows shutting down. The software package cannot be initialized because the window station is being closed. This issue can occur when the boss announced Office XP by running Setup with the /j option, and most of the users are using the corresponding Office XP shortcut for the first time. Accordingly, you can ignore this message. Your Office program is working correctly.

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    Have someone look at the Windows message logs (you can find them under Computers in the Control Panel next to the MMC snap-in) to see if there is an error that might indicate which process failed and why Windows should try to run DrWatson to diagnose the problem?

    1 Solution Dwwin.exe – Failed To Initialize DLL

    1 . Run a spyware scan. Since dwwin.exe.dll is always easy to disguise or infect with malware, you should purchase a reliable and powerful antivirus program to effectively scan the entire system and remove the virus.Removes spyware in a few minutes to protect our system from being attacked by malicious threats.


    User in Windows Windows NT, 2000 or alternatively Windows XP tries to run the function and gets on installation all error messagesMessage: Application failed to initialize correctly (0x0000022). Click OK to finish.

    Run An SFC Scan

    In case Windows Defender formats are corrupted, there is a quality where you are likely to see all sorts of issues, including this one. Most likely, to make sure that the files have been recovered, we run an SFC scan.

    the application failed to initialize because windows is shutting down

    Reply To: Request Failed Initialize

    by oz_media BUT · about 18 years ago, 9 days ago

    Answer: The App Is Hard To Initialize Because The Station Schedule Is Closed

    I’ll give it a try, though I’m not sure if that will help. This is the service we need when the user calls and I don’t think the service can receive this message even if it is interactive. Unfortunately, shared services are a bad idea, just as they don’t work well on Windows XP. T So maybe a child can say that the service is stopping and certainly not try to restart the process after x seconds or more…

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    the application failed to initialize because windows is shutting down

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