Fixed An Issue Where The Doxygen Warning Target Of The Copydoc Command Was Not Found.

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    If you’re getting a warning that the copydoc doxygen command target was not found on your machine, you should check out these fix ideas.

    doxygen warning target of copydoc command not found

    4.2.2 Using “@copydoc”

    As mentioned above, the Doxygen @copydetails command is usually intended to reuse that particular piece of “details” from another method, or possibly the contributor’s documentation. If you use @copydoc instead, Doxygen treats the first paragraph of the documentation as another “summary” and explains the rest as “details”. The effect is usually as follows: in summary lists the first sentence is printed in full, and in other contexts it is also printed that this first sentence is separated from the beginning of the text by a sentence break. This paragraph delimiter behavior is not ideal if you want to reuse general purpose sentences from snippets. However, sometimes you do behave this way and, in particular, it looks like you are reusing all the system documentation from method to method. This is where @copydoc is perfect.

    17.1 Introducing Doxygen

    Doxygen’s SWIG translation engine adds an efficient extra layerFunctionality for SWIG to automatically translate comments prepared by Doxygen.files in document languagenation more suitable for inputtranslation language. Currently this module is only implemented in Javadocand Pydoc for SWIG Java Python and modules.You can add more extensions later.The Doxygen translation module was originallygoogle summer offer started by userSummer code 2008. style

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    Doxygen Manual

    Doxygen is a popular online documentation API standard that is effective in many open source service projects. Comment-based markup can be easily converted to HTML, PDF, or Markdown and interpreted by many IDEs (such as Xcode). to provide online help for the API.

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    “Fossies” Is An Open Source Software Archive

    As another special service, Fossies tried to format the text of the requested file in HTML format (style: standard) using prefixed line numbers.You can also download and view the uninterpreted code file here. For more information about the changelog.doc file, see the fossies dox manual documentation and fossies report on most side-by-side code changes: 1.9.3_vs_1.9.4.

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